"It's a possibility." Quite proud of himself, Pete grinned. "It would mean another of our group has found their thing. Greg has the Sight, Lana's very much an earthy-power girl, and Whitney's a genius when it comes to herbs and their various used." He sent Chloe a sideways glance. "You could be an instinctive caster... maybe in time you won't even need to remember spells."

Pete Ross (Balcoin) talking to Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) about the Thoreaux Circle before they knew of their heritage.

Chapter 15: What The Ash Told

The Thoreaux Circle is a very old circle, dating back to medieval France. It has always contained a Withridge, a Hibbins and a Thoreaux.

The current members of this circle are Lana Lang (Thoreaux) and her boyfriend, Pete Ross (Balcoin).

History Edit

Late 1400's Edit

It is unknown why Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and two of her Circle mates were burned alive.

Late 1970's Edit

"Because," She met Greg's dark gaze. "They killed your father and our circle broke apart." She could still remember the night too well. "It was the beginning of the end of our circle. Whitney's father had his powers removed from him for his actions by the elders, Pete's mother chose to have the elders take hers, wanting nothing else to do with witchcraft." She turned to look at Clark, who looked nothing like his mother and yet had her good heart. "Your mother chose to remove herself from any circle activity to keep you and your father safe." She shook her head "And we all know Chloe's mother skipped town." It still burned her, how it'd all crumbled to dust. "The Witch-Hunters realized that our generations circle was done for, there were no other witches in our town who I'd join in a circle with, and the Witch-Hunters had bigger fish to fry."

Nell Potter explaining how her circle fell apart to the current Thoreaux Circle.