"They're gone." Rudy Jones came back from where he'd been observing the group as they left. "They really just left." He narrowed his light blue eyes and ran his hand over his shortly cut dark blonde hair, his usually angry demeanor now more confused than anything else. I was sure they were just pretending to leave to form some sort of counterattack and yet they really just left."

Rudy Jones (Balcoin) to the Balcoin Circle lead by Harriet Conroy (Balcoin) when the Chloe's Smallville Circle came to barter peace with them.

Not much is known about Rudy Balcoin other than he backed his sister, Harriet Balcoin, was able to throw deadly green curses and was apart of the Harriet's Balcoin Circle. He was also killed by his sister, Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) in retribution for his brother, Jordan Cross (Balcoin)s' death. His life force was then absorbed, along with his magic, into Chloe's body.