Pete's gaze met (Clark's) once more, his best mate silent, yet his eyes saying much as to how much pain he was going through. And yet, Pete was admirably enough not showing physically the pain, the boy apparently concentrating on studying the symbols the almost black dirt was poured in. Dark eyes never looked away from the symbols at his feet, his eye narrowed, his fists clenched tightly, the straing obviouos in the tight muscles in his arms that he is trying to do something with his magic and even though it wasn't working he wasn't stopping, wasn't giving up.

Pete Ross struggling against Lex Luthor's men while tied to a cross in the middle of Miller's Field.

Chapter 12: Attacked (Part Four)

Pete Ross (Balcoin) is John Blackwell's Secondborn son and childhood friend of Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid), and Clark Kent. He is involved with Lana Lang, the leader of the Thoreaux Circle in Smallville, in which Chloe already considers him a part of.

Even though he is a Balcoin, no other sibling sees him as such except Chloe. This was exacerbated by the fact Chloe traded herself for Pete, Lana and Clark to her father, Rao Darkseid. In doing so, she forcibly renounced her Balcoin heritage and made Pete take up the mantle of First. After coming back, the Balcoin siblings turn on him, believing he had abandoned Chloe so that he could become their leader.

He has a special connection with ice.

Personality Edit

Pete is a very skilled witch, having been able to defeat Byron Moore in a one-on-one fight during the Concilium Delibero called by Nell Potter. He appears to be kind, but also stubborn and easily angered, allowing his insecurities to guide most of his decisions in life. He is also obsessed with his girlfriend, Lana Lang, following her to France and sticking by her side, even when his siblings have been revealed. He also seems to allow her to dictate some of his decisions, folding easily when she asked him to do certain acts, such as to seek a position in one of Chloe's Circles with her, when he was adamant he had no desire to take a spot.

Special Abilities Edit

Balcoin Dark Magic

Like his siblings, Pete has Balcoin Dark Magic coursing through his veins, which has since been activated.