"Not if magic per se wasn't at work, but a potion," Patricia replied. "It's a very dangerous one, but it's effective in killing the mind and body for three days before resurrecting all bodily and mental functions once more." She rubbed her neck. "There are some permanent side effects from the use of that potion, but I cant live with them." She eyed Chloe/ "When you hit me, you were actually using it as a distraction to remove my bracelet, weren't you?"

Patricia speaking to Chloe Sullivan about how she faked her death and broke Lex Luthor's Circle.

Chapter 42: New Players

Patricia Swann is the daughter of Virgil Swann and former member of Lex Luthor's circle. She is also the former girlfriend of Lex Luthor and former lover of John Blackwell.

History Edit

She was responsible for the kidnapping and torture of her former Circle mate's, Tess Mercer and Oliver Queen. She was a part of the Lost Boys and John Blackwell's inner circle. She is now in a strained alliance with Oliver as they search for a way to protect Chloe and thus, the Balcoin family. She is also in an unsuspecting alliance with Lex Luthor.

She faked her death so that she could protect the Balcoin Firstborn, thus breaking the Luthor Circle.