"I figured you deserved to have this more than Patricia did." Oliver shrugged. "You might not have many memories of him, but he loved you deeply."

Oliver Queen giving Chloe Sullivan a picture of her father after her memories were erased.

Chapter 101: Two-Way Street

Oliver Queen is the son of the late Robert and Laura Queen, Head of the Queen family and former member of Lex Luthor's Circle along with his girlfriend, Tess Mercer, Jason Teague, Patricia Swann and Davis Bloome.

History Edit

In the beginning of the story, Oliver and Tess were both kidnapped by their thought deceased Circle member Patricia Swann and tortured to learn the location of the Balcoin Firstborn. Oliver broke first after weeks, relieved to know Tess was still alive. He and Tess both had their ring fingers cut off, though they were reattached magically. They eventually escaped those holding them captive, the Lost Boys, with Patricia's help.

Later, after the death of his parents, he and Tess seek refuge in Smallville, which is under the protection of Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) and he enters into an alliance with Patricia Swann to help foil Rao Darkseid's plans involving Chloe.