Mikhail stared at (Chloe), and Lex saw a great awe and fascination on the boy's face that he'd never seen before, a single tear escaping Mikhail's eyes as he turned his gaze on Byron, who was drawing nearer and nearer. "Find a way to bring back this other reality, Sister." He cleared his throat. "I do not remember it, but the fact that I actually used this supposed Gift of mine, which I have always considered a curse, to try and win your favor instead of hiding it as I have in this reality... I must've loved you dearly." He gave her a little crooked smile. "So give me a chance to join your Circle once we get back, and trust me. And I say 'once' because I do what I am about to do having faith in you, and having faith that you'll find a way back... That none of this will have been in vain." And with that, he narrowed his eyes on (Dark) Byron. "Your heart is going to stop beating now."

- Mikhail Balcoin to his sister, Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) in the Parallel World, in which she was never born. Chapter 111: Darkest Night.

Mikhail Anton Mxyzptlik Balcoin was the only Balcoin raised by their father, John Blackwell. He was brought up with Lucas Dunleavy (Luthor) and the two are as close as brothers, even though Lucas feels as though he has cheated Mikhail of his place in Chloe's Balcoin Circle, as Lucas was chosen before Mikhail. The two eventually reconciled, and Mikhail took his place in the Balcoin Circle as her 'Voice' after using his Gift to help support Chloe in battle. He was also a part of the 'Lost Boys,' young men who were loyal to John Blackwell/Balcoin.


Mikhail's "Voice" Symbol

Personality Edit

Mikhail is notoriously lazy and unmotivated.