"Harriett!" A voice yelled from the crowd, distracting the two fighting, as Jordan pushed his way through the crowd, expression desperate. "Harriet, please! Remove the curse! I've seen-please! She dies! She's going to die! I've seen-please-" There was a flicker of light in front of Jordan a split second before his eyes widened and he grabbed at his throat.

Jordan attempting to convince Harriet Balcoin to reverse the curse that was killing his sister, Alicia Balcoin. In doing so, Harriet killed him right before Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) defeated her in combat. Sarah Balcoin then avenges his death by killing her twin sister.

Chapter 132: Death in the Family

Jordan Cross (Balcoin) was the youngest of the Balcoin siblings. He was a part of the unofficial Balcoin Circle led by Harriet Balcoin, which he left after hearing Chloe Sullivan's offer. Eventually, this led to his death at the hands of the Circle he abandoned.

He also helped to protect Chloe from Councilman Zor-El's plans, as he warned her not 'to let him touch her.'

He experienced visions.