"I, Harriet Conroy, challenge you, the Balcoin Firstborn, to a duel for the right to lead the Balcoin clan." Harriet smiled, the sight vicious. "As set in our laws, you have to accept this challenge, and prove whether you're really worthy to lead." She smiled. "Under the rules, only we will fight, no one else can intervene, we're only able to use our Balcoin magic, and only one of us will leave alive."

Harriet Balcoin challenging the Balcoin Firstborn, Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) to a fight to the death.

Chapter 131: Challenge

Harriet Conroy (Balcoin) was one of the children John Blackwell fathered in secret. She was the unofficial leader of a Balcoin Circle, with only her boyfriend, Ian, being a non-Balcoin member. She is the cause of her brother, Jordan Cross (Balcoin) death and her sister Alicia Baker (Balcoin)s' near-death experience. She was killed by her twin sister, Sarah Conroy (Balcoin) in retribution for these acts.