The New Circle - Darkseid Circle Promo

The New Circle - Darkseid Circle Promo

"Faye snorted. "Are you kidding me? The Book of Shadows caught on fire when he tried opening it." The girl rolled her eyes, single dimple deep. "How I see it, everyone and everything that matters still see Chloe as Firstborn, and so do I." That dimple went deeper, her smirk wider. "And even if she's not the Balcoin leader anymore, she's still going to be the leader of her own Circle, isn't she?" Faye shrugged. "Just going to have a different symbol." And with that, she turned and continued walking away."

Faye to Diana, Chapter 80: Connecting Gone Wrong

When Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) found out she was the heiress to a secret Seventh Original magical House, and came into the powers associated with that Clan, she became the first witch to have two Original Circles under her control: the Balcoin Circle, and the Darkseid Circle.

Members Include:

Whitney Fordman - Sanguine

Faye Chamberlain - Prophet

Byron Moore (Balcoin) - Darkling

Cassie Blake (Balcoin) - Thunderbird

Zatanna Zatara (Le Fay) - Bloodbound

Greg Arkin (Withridge) - Cyclops