Cristabella smirked. "I am the one who sees all and knows all. I am the closest thing to a god that your race could ever dream of. It is how I know what will come to pass centuries before it does, and I know that a descendant of your bloodline will walk the streets of Council Square, and the ghost of your sister will try to kill her so that she does not make it to the Genesis Caves and unknowingly bring the destruction to the innocent people of this pathetic human town by fighting for control of the Genesis Caves." Her lips cirled "You do not have to worry about that, but you do need to be at a place which I will instruct you, so give her the clues which I will give you, so that she will know to go to Lacul Sfanta Ana."

The possessed Cristabella speaking to her brother, Cristobal Balcoin about the arrival of Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid).

History Edit

Cristabella Balcoin was said to be the greatest Balcoin Eye to ever have lived. She was born and died during medieval times. When she is alive, she attempts to protect her family from her father's desire to obtain control of the Genesis Caves, attempting to convince her twin brother, Cristobal Balcoin, that they had to commit patricide. It is during this plea that Cristabella is possessed by a being of 'god-like' power, who is able to see centuries into the future. She then speaks of a Balcoin Firstborn who will need to unite the Caves and that Cristobal must lead the Firstborn to the Lacul Sfanta Ana. After speaking the prophecy below, Cristabella dies from the stress of housing a higher being, tears of blood falling from her eyes.

As a ghost, she attempts to kill Chloe Sullivan when she arrives in Romania, positioning her in front of a train. Bart Allen is able to save her, dispelling Cristabella from Chloe's body.

Prophecy Edit

"And a door would open to the sky... Abominations created of cold intelligence walk the planet, and the rebellion of evil would tear the world apart."

Cristabella Balcoin's final words before she dies.

Chapter 110: Cristabella