Concilium Delibero

"The only way you knew that you could do so, since otherwise you'd have no say in the business of the Six, would be to call upon the ancient invocation of concilium delibero where we are magically bound to convene with those who are not of the Six and listen to their pressing issues. It can only be called upon for the greater good of the magical community as a whole; it cannot be abused for personal gain and can only be invoked by a witch not of the Six."

Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) to Countess Isobel Thoraux

Chapter 44: A Game of Thrones (Part Two) 

An ancient spell by which witches not of the Six could assure that matters that were of grave importance to the magical community as a whole were heard and resolved.


No actual spell was needed, but one had to "invoke concilium delibero" while in the presence of the bloodline of the Six, be they, themselves, not of the Six.

The latest use of this was in the presence of Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) invoke by Nell Potter, Lana Lang's Aunt and descendant of Countess Thoreaux.

More About The SpellEdit

A sacred convocation which can only be invoked when the magical community is at stake; the Six are bound to heed the call of the summons and listen to the plight brought before them. Once the convocation starts those involved are physically unable to leave until the issues are completely resolved. 

A decision is determined by a vote of those in Concilium, with majority ruling, and those in disagreement of the decision honor-bound to follow whatever has been agreed upon in the Concilium.