"The Balcoin Clan wasn't the only one that was attacked tonight," A surprising voice announced, Julian Luthor appearing by Lois's side, a hard expression on his bruised an dirty face. "Rao launched a simultaneous attack on all the Houses, on the magical community as a whole."

Julian Luthor explaining to Chloe Sullivan that a significant portion of the magical community was decimated in one night.

Chapter 90: After

Event Edit

The Battle for Smallville, (AKA the Battle for the Last House) took place while Chloe Sullivan was trapped in Apokalips along with many of her Circle Members. Rao Darkseid laid siege to magical strongholds, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, magical and non-magical. Smallville was the only town left standing due to Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) taking a stand against her magical father. This battle connected Chloe with multiple members of the Smallville community as they fought, turning them into hosts, most specifically, Van McNulty.

These acts of mass murder in the magical community were to invoke a type of Harvest, in which the magic in each individual who died would return to Rao, making him infinitely stronger.

Message Edit

"Do you hear that?" The girl whispered into her phone. "Chloe Balcoin is back, Smallville has survived the attack, and the House of Balcoin still stands." She laughed shakily. "I repeat, the House of Balcoin still stands." Her voice broke. "There's hope."

A woman broadcasts to the world, which sends out a beacon that Smallville is a safe haven. This causes hoards of refugees to flock there.

Chapter 89: Battle for Balcoin

After the battle, refugees started pouring in from the destroyed houses; the last surviving members of Wylt, Tentagel, Luhtor and, eventually, Sigan, finding their way to Smallville.