"It shows she's brave, and she's strong, and she has principles." Alicia glared at both of (Ian), blood beginning to trail down her arm. "She's not like us. She doesn't protect herself." She turned to Sarah. "Life is good in there. There are problems, but there are solutions. There's war on the horizon, but there's reason to fight."

Alicia trying to convince her siblings to join Smallville under Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid) leadership.

Alicia Balcoin is one of the Balcoin's John Blackwell fathered in secret. She was originally a part of Harriet Balcoin's circle, but broke away after she learned there was another Balcoin circle under Chloe.

She was attacked and nearly killed by her sister, Harriet Balcoin, after she went back to plead with her siblings to join Chloe's new monarchy. When this happened, Harriet also cursed Alicia, causing her black magic to begin attacking itself, destroying every bit of magic in her system. Chloe was able to save her life by draining the life and magic of Ian Randall and Harriet Balcoin, injecting the life force and Harriet's dark magic into her body. This has had affects on Alicia's temperament as before, she was sweet and kind, whereas now she is prone to mood swings and dark actions. It is unknown whether or not these happenstances is due to Harriets' dark magic within her system.

She had the special ability to teleport in a green mist.